Changing Subdomain Name or URL with WordPress Site

If you have decided to change your subdomain name from http://mysite.com/example to http://mysite.com/newexample but you don’t know how, here are the following steps:

  1. Make sure to create a back-up of your site.
  2. On your existing server create a new location/ folder.
  3. Login to your wp-admin
  4. Then go to Administration>Settings>General panel.
  5. In the box for WordPress Address change the address to a new location and in the box of the Site Address change the address to a new location that will match the public site address.
  6. Then Save Changes.
  7. Then move all files from the old to the new directory.
  8. Then update all your links. If you are using Permalinks, go to Administration>Settings>Permalinks panel and update your permalinks.
  9. Update your existing Images/Media links to the new folder.
  10. You must also check your existing “Store Media Uploads” else your media uploads will still go to the old folder. This could be found under Settings>Media.
  11. If your theme support Menus, update your menus this is Under Appearance>Menus.

Free Online Web Translation Using Google Translation Tools

About 2 hours ago, I was searching on how to add Google’s Free Web Translation on our clients site. I always felt the excitement of doing things that are beyond my knowledge. So I grip my edge, thinking that it would be as easy as counting one, two, three. So I do it alone. Don’t you worry if I mess up, I do have my back-up. That’s what my mind told me – very clever, right?

First, you need to go to Google Translate Tools to get the codes needed. They will provide the step by step instructions, either you want the translation on a specific section of your site or you want the whole site to be translated.

Second, copy the snippet of the code into your webpage.
This is what the snippet looks like:

Google Free Web Translation Snippet

Third, open the dashboard of your site and paste it into your widget.  Then hit save.

Viola! That’s it, then your website can be browsed by different users all around the world.


How to Determine your Competitors Links

Knowing and determining your competitors is really important to reach your targeted ranking. It’s part of the technique that one should never miss. Upon searching, I find different tools that would lead you to what you wanted, either for free or with pay.

I always used the http://www.check-domains.com, they do have link tools that will help you in determining your competitors for free.

Google as well is a big help and a friend to everyone. You can freely search for the site to discover where their backlinks come from by just typing  “www.+sitename.+com” or just type the keyword:”www.sitename.com”.


Google Update: Enabling to Insert Image on Email

For Gmail users this will be a good news for you! I’ve just discovered today that you will be able to insert image on the body of your email – not just an attachment. But you are free to attached it as well.

Here’s How

First: Go to your Gmail “Settings“.

Second: Click on the “Lab” tab.

Third: Enable your “Inserting Images“, then after you save the changes you will see this on your compose box. (See picture below)