How to Disable Comments Section on Page in WordPress

Comment section on a page doesn’t seem professional. Comment section is more legit for blog post.

If you want to build discussion on a post with your site visitors but not on pages, you may consider that sometimes unchecking the comments in the screen option or even installing Page Off Comments Plugin doesn’t work.  If this will happen to you, just go to Appearance>>Editor>>Page Template (page.php) and delete this code snippet “<?php comments_template(); ?>

Or if you want to change the word “Leave a Reply” in your comment section with something else, just go to Appearance>>Editor>>Comments (comments.php). This is the code snippet that you want to change

<?php comment_form_title( ‘Leave a Reply’, ‘Leave a Reply to %s’ ); ?>



How to Password Protect your Site using Cpanel

Lately I’ve discovered on how to password protect site by doing few searches in Google and it’s simple.  If you want password protect a specific folder of your site for certain reasons, or you want it private because it’s still under construction, through Cpanel you can do it simply.

Just log-in in your Cpanel and then go to security, under security, click on “Password Protect Directories”.   Then choose the folder that you want to be password protected.  If you encounter problems, connect yourself with the Hostgator tech support.


How to Convert M3U to MP3

Just want to share a piece of information on how to convert m3u to mp3 which is so easy.  I’ve come across a file that needs to be converted into an mp3 file for transcription purposes.  M3u is not an audio file extension.  It is a computer file format that stores multimedia playlist which is supported by many applications.

Here’s how to convert:

First:   If you have downloaded the m3u file already, right click and open with NOTEPAD.  It displays the URL or the specific location of the audio file and then copy the URL.

Second:  Paste the URL in your selected internet browser.  It will be directed to the audio file link in which you can play the audio directly.

Third:  Then right click on the file, then click “Save Us”.  Then the file can be saved with its original file extension which is MP3.


How to Edit Pages using Cpanel File Manager

There are a lot of options to choose from when editing your website pages. This is not that really common, tech guys usually use Macromedia Dreamweaver. But if you don’t have that software and you don’t know where to edit your pages, you can easily go to your website’s cpanel. You can freely edit your pages using the File Manager.  Here’s how:

1. Go to your website’s cpanel by typing http://yourwebsitedomainname/cpanel and log.in.









2. After logging in, you will be directed to this page.









3. Scroll down and look for “File” and click on “File Manager”.









4. Then look for the public_html folder and click on the image beside it.









6. If you want to edit the index page, click on the image beside index.html.










7.  After clicking on the index.html, you will see on the right upper part, the “Show file”, “Delete File”, “Edit File”, etc. Click on Edit file.









8. After clicking on Edit file you will be navigated to the page where it shows the codes of the index.html.  You can easily edit the codes there.









9. Then save the changes by clicking “Save” and refresh your site.


Just for the Name-Sake?

Three keywords for social media marketing I would say is share, connect and interact with your audience.

For months of working in social media services, it would be hard to interact with people when you are not catching their interest. When you are promoting videos and asking people to share and like it and you would receive a cold treatment, and you could hear “silence” in return which seems scary and I know it won’t work. When you are following anyone and others follow you as well, but with the three or four or even five figures of followers you have, not even a single bit of feedback you receive from them (ouch!) because they’re not for real. Those are just for the “NAME-SAKE“. It needs a lot of effort, like digging out on a ditch to connect with them, and this involves baiting, like creating contest, promotions and giving gifts. Just think of crazy things and you’ll get their attention, believe me 🙂

I wonder how could someone just offer services that promises to get a hundreds of thousands of reactions from your real audiences for a month unless you’ll do something outrageous and chauvinistic and you will become instant famous. Web tricks won’t work if you don’t have real talent, if you don’t show your uniqueness that would set you apart from the crowd.  Competition is everywhere. It is like a race, like there’s only one chocolate left and and every hand grabs for it, who has bulky muscles will win if he’ll exert some effort. Well, too much for my crazy imagination.


Sinulog 2012

The display of Faith and Culture of Cebuanos.

Devotees at Basilica Minore del Santo Niño - Cebu

Dancers dancing to the tune of drums and gongs

Dancers in their colorful costumes

Viva Pit Señor!

Pictures credit to the official Facebook fanpage of Sinulog.

Sinulog is an annual celebration on the third Sunday of January. It is known as one of the biggest festival in the Philippines. A dance ritual to honor the miraculous image of Sr. Sto. Niño for the bountiful blessings that Cebuanos experienced. One of the highlights of the celebration is the street dancing wherein all contingents performed to the tune of drums, trumpets and native gongs.  The word Sinulog derived from the word sulog which means “like water current movement” which resembles to the forward-backward dance steps.

The participation of catholics and non-catholics in this festival multiplied the numbers of people into thousandths all the way either from foreign land and from local provinces.  Several routes were closed for the street dancing. The Basilica was always full with believers and non-believers.

When I first attended the mass for Sinulog and everyone heartily sang the “gozos“, it really touches my soul like I was trembling inside with so much affection and desire to praise Him. Visions of abundance and guidance that our God gave me and still giving me keeps rushing on my mind. It is like a thanksgiving day for me, a draining of negative thoughts as I embraced His word. As the mass ended, it is evident in everyone’s smiling face that we are filled with spirit.


Hohohoho! Merry X-mas

It’s really Christmas season, have you notice the snow falling on my blog? It’s amazing.

This past few days I’m quite a bit induce to create a new post but I can’t get off my hands from work.  I have noticed the Christmas lanterns and the caroling on the street but haven’t felt the essence of it.

One day as I was riding a jeep, going somewhere. A kid suddenly hitch the jeep and started his caroling hymn. He has this gentle voice who can touch deeply within. I suddenly missed home, longing for my family to be with me.

Well, let’s talk about Christmas where everyone gets busy, where gift giving occurs, where our busy schedules for party would drive us to a complete blankness of memory of what’s the real essence of Christmas.  Sometimes our busy world would lead us to forget and we will be blinded by the glittering Christmas lights and become deft by the big boom of fireworks.  Hopefully may the ring of the bell in the church for every “simbang gabi” would remind us that this is the time where we need to share what we have and who we are. The newness of being us, as we celebrate Jesus Christ birthday.

It doesn’t mean that you need to have a grab bags of cash to make everyone happy.  May it be a smile or a helping hand, a simple gesture that would make each stranger feel the real meaning of Christmas.

I created this very short poem.

Christ will be born within,
Each heart that would proclaim he’s a king.
And may the weary feel the peace
As bells ring everyone will be blessed.

May your Christmas today will be of tomorrow.  Merry Christmas everyone..