Now I’m Back

Hooray! I’m back. This blog has been suspended or has been archived for quite so long. I don’t even know when was this suspended. Since I gave birth last December 2012, I forgot to check on here. Until just recently that I was thinking that I should get back to blogging in WordPress but upon checking I was not directed to my blogging site.  Had asked wp people to reconsider my blog and now its back.    So now, I am thinking of few topics to post here. Please also visit my parenting blog, where I wrote about my journey as mother: Kimmys Parenting Journey.




How to Download Back-up File using CuteFTP

We’ve got some problem on how to access the ftp account to create back-up for one of our sites under the enom hosting company.  They have provided you some instructions on how to access your files through ftp, but I wasn’t familiar with the FTP client that they’re using.  Numerous options have been encountered, either you can use Dreamweaver MX, Cute FTP, Bulletproof FTP and Anarchie. Starting with the FTP link they’ve provided, we could hardly get into the site’s back-end.

This might be useful to some who’s encountering the same problem. Here’s what I did to download the files.

First: Before anything else, download CuteFTP.
Second: Log.in to enom.com.
Third: Go to Hosting > Web Hosting > Manage.
Fourth: Choose account name.
Fifth: Under account details, click “Login to Your Control Panel”.
Sixth: You will be directed to the “HOME – HOSTING PACKAGE OVERVIEW” page. On that page, at the bottom part you will find the Quick Account Info. Copy and paste the ftp link to CuteFTP, then log.in.


Now you will be able to download back-up or upload additional files to your site.




How to Password Protect your Site using Cpanel

Lately I’ve discovered on how to password protect site by doing few searches in Google and it’s simple.  If you want password protect a specific folder of your site for certain reasons, or you want it private because it’s still under construction, through Cpanel you can do it simply.

Just log-in in your Cpanel and then go to security, under security, click on “Password Protect Directories”.   Then choose the folder that you want to be password protected.  If you encounter problems, connect yourself with the Hostgator tech support.


What it means to be a Christian?

What have you done so far as a Christian?

I’m sure you could easily grab an answer in your mind, since holy week is still fresh. I have been asking that myself not just ones or twice but maybe a hundred times. As what we’ve noticed, what Christians would usually do as a sign of their devotion is they always pray the rosary, go to church, read the bible, get involve in the church activities, but beyond that who are you? Is it just enough to pray the rosary? Is it enough to read the bible? Does going to church every Sunday means you are already a Christian?

Yes or no, I would like to take both for an answer. Yes because it is a way in making, in building our personal relationship with God. And no if you are doing those things just for the norms, just because everyone does it or you want someone to believe that you are really a Christian. Being a Christian should mean that we should go farther than that, father from doing all those things, from praying, from reading the bible, it must be beyond. The cultivation of our relationship to God starts from doing those things, heartily and willingly and applying them to our everyday aspects.

Being a Christian does not mean you are holy, this means that you are cleanse by the blood of Jesus and healed by His healing power.

Life without Christ is nothing.