As my first glance at you,
Was apace and heart pounding.
I was enwrapped by the enigma you are bearing
With terror and with might clashed my being –
So taciturn and cold, I turn in.

Well, gallantly you speak
Making me surmised like an expert;
Living me a thought and keep it,
That you’re like some other dude
Who hid secrets.

As my doubts on you dwindle,
So my boldness augmented –
Dried as the sap of ivy.
Learning to be free.

Obtaining this inkling pleasant feeling
Inside this once numb senses,
I heed on this journey,
Where narrow path leads me –
There I go, with you in my benediction.


I Belong to You

To Jesus Christ

My life belongs to you,
Not I know this from the start,
Not during my good old days,
And not at the time of my innocence.

I never learned this during my prayer time,
I just not stumble this like a mathematical answer,
Nor it’s not a theory that came up in my mind,
This is not a simple answer, not a simple knowledge
That you’ve given to me at the time of my darkest hours.
A very distinctive knowledge –
That keeps me hoping and vigorously breathing;
That I belong to you and You are always
Taking care of me right from the start.

Your Daughter,
Late bloomer Kimmy


Deep Inside

You never know, how much I curse myself
When I think of you?
So blunt is the mouth and so soft is my heart,
So loving is your words,
That I can’t breathe without it;
I sigh on the thoughts that’s so foreign to me,
Like a whirling wind with butterflies
And lo! there behold the images painted
So gallantly embarking my fettered heart.



Cradle – empty…
Where once a lair of a young mortal coil
The stage abruptly brought change,
There dwendle the sagacity that once free
From human pain and carnal desire,
Freedom perchance a revolution of thoughts and aim
But time hitherto changes the flesh that was unblemish
Sagging skin,
The strong canopy of bones – aching!
The call of ages parceled on the entire beauty
But spirit won’t change, to devour the taste of life
– Hungry, still claiming though losing it’s mirth,
And fear captivates not a single soul to life,
Devoid of pain or pretending?
Even choices drag your feet to leap onto death;
But wait! forgone was the days of beauty
of pinky cheeks and lovely eyes, yet –
Lies in the time that will claim it’s end
And the paragon of life deceives eyes what beauty
And passively hurdle your sensibilities
That may gone, until you long to rest!


Remember Don’t Quit

I was inspired as I watched the video of the poem entitled “Don’t Quit” and I wrote a poem through this.


When things seem so blurred
And your dreams have vanished;
When you throw your open arms
But no one noticed;
When you paint a perfect smile
But no one glace for a while;
You know He watches you.

When you know that it’s wrong
And still push through;
When you forget to give time
To see the perfect beauty
Of life’s slow phase;
When you keep in distance,
Staying away from anyone;
You know He will grab you
With His elastic hands.

When you feel uncertain
And your hope may end;
When you want to give up
And tiresome parceled your mind;
If you forget so – He will strenghten you.


A Seed Am I

A seed am I that grows beneath the ground
Upon the earth I greeted when my first leaf found.
And see the lovely skies ’twas painted blue
Saying hello to the sun that has my mothers warmth.
When gloomy weather comes, gladly I wash my face;
Rain soak my feet and beneath the silky smooth breeze
I cloak my leaves, hiding through thick brushes
And comfort makes me sleep.

And when I grow, I touch God’s feet.
Praying through that my little seed
Be not fallen into a barren self.
And amidst thousandths of people,
There I stand, tall than anyone.
Seeing the skyline borders,
Seeing life’s edge – predicting not my life’s end.

One’s my skin was stash,
By a kid that has no match.
Itched I feel so;
But relieved by the sweet lullaby’s
Of the birds that merrily serenade
Upon my branches their love was answered;

Watcher am I in the long hallow ground,
Where in tombs, my wreath kiss the sand.
Keeping amidst the life sullen phase.
Sometimes worn out and forlorn,
When my branches turn into cross of the grave.

A shade am I on sunny day
When farmers keep their steed beast on hay.
And when harvest comes my fruits feed the hungry.
Then my lifes joy reach the heaven,
As I become God’s instrument.


Dreamy Land

Color shades serve as lights,
Thoughts wander vibrantly in the sea of fantasy
As you claim the darkness completely
Lamps ebony flashes in the sirene night flickered,
And in the sweet breeze – there, your dreams
Was carried by the wind
And unites in your world of mystic sensations.

When dreams speaks of words undeciphered,
Valiant mind seeks translations
Of emotions- that perhaps was worn out
For the days long, and days that was gone.

Aye when I learned the mechanics what life there is
When dreaming and fantasizing is not just an objective ordeal
Leaning forward to it, focusing – transforming dreams
Into unimaginative world of wonder, that lives and interacts.

Amidst the tears and sobs that rocks my body at night,
Sometimes enchanted by how I fight,
An opium that invade my tranquil world,
Where my penchant steers..

When the sun comes slushing on your dreamy word
Where pictures blurred translates thousand words,
Hit the air with so much pleasure,
Then life portrayed in dreams waver
When light wakes you up, only nostalgias left.