How to Download Back-up File using CuteFTP

We’ve got some problem on how to access the ftp account to create back-up for one of our sites under the enom hosting company.  They have provided you some instructions on how to access your files through ftp, but I wasn’t familiar with the FTP client that they’re using.  Numerous options have been encountered, either you can use Dreamweaver MX, Cute FTP, Bulletproof FTP and Anarchie. Starting with the FTP link they’ve provided, we could hardly get into the site’s back-end.

This might be useful to some who’s encountering the same problem. Here’s what I did to download the files.

First: Before anything else, download CuteFTP.
Second: to
Third: Go to Hosting > Web Hosting > Manage.
Fourth: Choose account name.
Fifth: Under account details, click “Login to Your Control Panel”.
Sixth: You will be directed to the “HOME – HOSTING PACKAGE OVERVIEW” page. On that page, at the bottom part you will find the Quick Account Info. Copy and paste the ftp link to CuteFTP, then


Now you will be able to download back-up or upload additional files to your site.




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