Just for the Name-Sake?

Three keywords for social media marketing I would say is share, connect and interact with your audience.

For months of working in social media services, it would be hard to interact with people when you are not catching their interest. When you are promoting videos and asking people to share and like it and you would receive a cold treatment, and you could hear “silence” in return which seems scary and I know it won’t work. When you are following anyone and others follow you as well, but with the three or four or even five figures of followers you have, not even a single bit of feedback you receive from them (ouch!) because they’re not for real. Those are just for the “NAME-SAKE“. It needs a lot of effort, like digging out on a ditch to connect with them, and this involves baiting, like creating contest, promotions and giving gifts. Just think of crazy things and you’ll get their attention, believe me 🙂

I wonder how could someone just offer services that promises to get a hundreds of thousands of reactions from your real audiences for a month unless you’ll do something outrageous and chauvinistic and you will become instant famous. Web tricks won’t work if you don’t have real talent, if you don’t show your uniqueness that would set you apart from the crowd.  Competition is everywhere. It is like a race, like there’s only one chocolate left and and every hand grabs for it, who has bulky muscles will win if he’ll exert some effort. Well, too much for my crazy imagination.

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