Hohohoho! Merry X-mas

It’s really Christmas season, have you notice the snow falling on my blog? It’s amazing.

This past few days I’m quite a bit induce to create a new post but I can’t get off my hands from work.  I have noticed the Christmas lanterns and the caroling on the street but haven’t felt the essence of it.

One day as I was riding a jeep, going somewhere. A kid suddenly hitch the jeep and started his caroling hymn. He has this gentle voice who can touch deeply within. I suddenly missed home, longing for my family to be with me.

Well, let’s talk about Christmas where everyone gets busy, where gift giving occurs, where our busy schedules for party would drive us to a complete blankness of memory of what’s the real essence of Christmas.  Sometimes our busy world would lead us to forget and we will be blinded by the glittering Christmas lights and become deft by the big boom of fireworks.  Hopefully may the ring of the bell in the church for every “simbang gabi” would remind us that this is the time where we need to share what we have and who we are. The newness of being us, as we celebrate Jesus Christ birthday.

It doesn’t mean that you need to have a grab bags of cash to make everyone happy.  May it be a smile or a helping hand, a simple gesture that would make each stranger feel the real meaning of Christmas.

I created this very short poem.

Christ will be born within,
Each heart that would proclaim he’s a king.
And may the weary feel the peace
As bells ring everyone will be blessed.

May your Christmas today will be of tomorrow.  Merry Christmas everyone..


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