Cradle – empty…
Where once a lair of a young mortal coil
The stage abruptly brought change,
There dwendle the sagacity that once free
From human pain and carnal desire,
Freedom perchance a revolution of thoughts and aim
But time hitherto changes the flesh that was unblemish
Sagging skin,
The strong canopy of bones – aching!
The call of ages parceled on the entire beauty
But spirit won’t change, to devour the taste of life
– Hungry, still claiming though losing it’s mirth,
And fear captivates not a single soul to life,
Devoid of pain or pretending?
Even choices drag your feet to leap onto death;
But wait! forgone was the days of beauty
of pinky cheeks and lovely eyes, yet –
Lies in the time that will claim it’s end
And the paragon of life deceives eyes what beauty
And passively hurdle your sensibilities
That may gone, until you long to rest!

2 thoughts on “Stages

  1. deep and meaningful. ang galing mo namang gumawa ng tula.

    yung sketches mo sa gild, ang gaganda rin. napadaan lang po at naki comment.

    magandang araw!

    • Thank you sa pagbisita. Nagagalak akong may bumisita naman kahit papano, salamat rin at nagustuhan mo ang mga tulang sinulat ko at pati narin ang mga sketches.

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