Summer Adventure

I had a happy weekend which is so much refreshing, away from work and close to nature.  Come with me as I’ll take you on my trip.

I woke up early in the morning at 1:00 am to prepare for my things and headed to North Bus Terminal at exactly 2:30 am. It was such a great adventure to reminisce, I haven’t been in Bantayan Island and the excitement I felt at that moment was not that really intense, I’m not the beach type person. I don’t know how to swim but it didn’t stop the adventurous side of me. I love the feeling of being close to our mother nature. It was 3 hours travel by bus and when we reached Hagnaya Port, it’s already 6:00 am.

Taken from Hagnaya Port

Taken from Hagnaya Port

It’s really good to see the sunrise. Then we bought our boat tickets which cost 170 pesos, at exactly 6:30 we departed from Hagnaya going to Bantayan Island by Roro boat.

Roro Boat

I was pretty slacked by the trip, actually almost all of us. I just had 1 hour sleep the other night. One of my officemates was so asleep on the boat, ignoring the other passengers and just comfortably hid on the chair as if he was in his room.  Almost all of us was taking a nap for that one hour trip.

Bantayan Island

This one was taken from the Roro boat, I was already awake and couldn’t sleep when I saw that white outline of sands and green trees, we’re nearly docking.  I love the smell of the sultry air, the smell of the rust metals of the boat, and from that picture afar draws an image of peace and tranquility on that land. So here I am seeking peace, avoiding the noisy streets of the city and busy work.

Bantayan Island



See the place! Everything was well paid by seeing that place alone.  So peaceful, I heard the chirp of the bird on our balcony, the sound of the leaves that sways with the breeze.

We already made a reservation before we came there, we had a transportation service from Kota Beach Resort waiting for us at the pier, at around 8:30 am we reach the resort. Seems like everyone wants to hit the hay, but not as early as that. We went to the nearest market and ate. At around 12:00 noon, we were already heading to the beach for our island hopping. We rented a boat for 1,000 pesos and went snorkeling (as if i know how to snorkel, hehehe).   Well, it’s a lot of fun, we’ve seen the nearest islands nearest to Bantayan, including Virgin Island and Hilantagaan Island.

Virgin Island

This Island is privately own by a foreigner as what the tourist guide said.

That’s me, wearing white t-shirt, at the back is my friend’s boyfriend Jhong. Totally crystal clear water that’s really inviting, even to someone like me. I love to feel it and taste it. Though I kept always on the edge of the wood, holding while watching the fishes, freely swimming.  After our tour silence can be heard in our room, everyone was asleep.

This is part of the day 1 adventure.

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