Remember Don’t Quit

I was inspired as I watched the video of the poem entitled “Don’t Quit” and I wrote a poem through this.


When things seem so blurred
And your dreams have vanished;
When you throw your open arms
But no one noticed;
When you paint a perfect smile
But no one glace for a while;
You know He watches you.

When you know that it’s wrong
And still push through;
When you forget to give time
To see the perfect beauty
Of life’s slow phase;
When you keep in distance,
Staying away from anyone;
You know He will grab you
With His elastic hands.

When you feel uncertain
And your hope may end;
When you want to give up
And tiresome parceled your mind;
If you forget so – He will strenghten you.

4 thoughts on “Remember Don’t Quit

  1. Thank you po. Hindi naman po masyado, kinakailangan kong basahin paulit-ulit yung mga sinulat ko para malaman kung may mali ba o wala. Godbless din po:)

  2. Sometimes You would hate yourself… Why is it you always at the button.. You could see the smile but it doesn’t mean that person really satisfy on her life maybe she is hiding sometime… I actually ask God why am i like this am i A bad person??? until Im still looking for an answer….

    • I have experienced that one, when you feel so down, and all you can do is ask God, why? God has the answers to all your questions, He may not lay it to you at the moment that you asked HIM, it takes time and certain understanding as to what is his message for you.. Prayers will help you every now and then to learn to persevere and have enough patience. Just put all your burdens to God and He will take care all of it for you.

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