Basic SEO Tips

I’ve been stumbling to what I should write for this blog that I’m comfortable to talk too.  Which is not just all about my emotions and my opinions about the world. I’m still in  the first step of the ladder to talk about web thing  but still I can’t help myself to share with you a  few things I’ve learned as I’m on my way.

For about months dealing with SEO I’ve learned the basic things that will give small impact for your page rankings. Small enough but when you sum it up, viola! It works.

Basic SEO tips.

1. URL Submission
It really matter to us on how many websites point back to our site. You might have submitted to different search engine websites  already or even to different directories or even come across with an idea for paid web listings, which might not be that really bad but I won’t consider that one. Web has lots of tricks and play with it. Make a research about your niche. What I’ve learn to make it  certain that I’m submitting my site to sites with the same niche that I have is that when I search in google for directories I put the keywords  then type “add url” ex.(dog food”add url”). It might be time consuming but do it with patience, you’ll reap what you’ll sow.

2. Article Submission
Submitting your articles will also help in building back links.  Specially on the resource box, you are free to put all the contact details and the URL of your website that will link back to you. I have here a few list of article directories that you might want to go through.

3. Social Bookmarking Websites Submission
When it comes to social bookmarking websites, first on my list is Digg. Do you know how Digg helps you build your back links? Digg is a very popular bookmarking website. The dynamics of Digg allows people to submit stories and links, vote and comment. When you will be able to meet the certain time required for the promotion with specific votes required as well, you will get a chance that your story will be posted among the top and popular stories then you can gain more visibility.

4. Yahooanswers to boost your back links?
Do you know that you can create back links by answering yahoo questions in By putting the site in your resource box. My tip here is not to put any links as part of your answer, someone might report you as an abuser. Specially when your answer will be chosen as the best answer, there will be much possibility that they will visit your link.

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