A Seed Am I

A seed am I that grows beneath the ground
Upon the earth I greeted when my first leaf found.
And see the lovely skies ’twas painted blue
Saying hello to the sun that has my mothers warmth.
When gloomy weather comes, gladly I wash my face;
Rain soak my feet and beneath the silky smooth breeze
I cloak my leaves, hiding through thick brushes
And comfort makes me sleep.

And when I grow, I touch God’s feet.
Praying through that my little seed
Be not fallen into a barren self.
And amidst thousandths of people,
There I stand, tall than anyone.
Seeing the skyline borders,
Seeing life’s edge – predicting not my life’s end.

One’s my skin was stash,
By a kid that has no match.
Itched I feel so;
But relieved by the sweet lullaby’s
Of the birds that merrily serenade
Upon my branches their love was answered;

Watcher am I in the long hallow ground,
Where in tombs, my wreath kiss the sand.
Keeping amidst the life sullen phase.
Sometimes worn out and forlorn,
When my branches turn into cross of the grave.

A shade am I on sunny day
When farmers keep their steed beast on hay.
And when harvest comes my fruits feed the hungry.
Then my lifes joy reach the heaven,
As I become God’s instrument.

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