Dreamy Land

Color shades serve as lights,
Thoughts wander vibrantly in the sea of fantasy
As you claim the darkness completely
Lamps ebony flashes in the sirene night flickered,
And in the sweet breeze – there, your dreams
Was carried by the wind
And unites in your world of mystic sensations.

When dreams speaks of words undeciphered,
Valiant mind seeks translations
Of emotions- that perhaps was worn out
For the days long, and days that was gone.

Aye when I learned the mechanics what life there is
When dreaming and fantasizing is not just an objective ordeal
Leaning forward to it, focusing – transforming dreams
Into unimaginative world of wonder, that lives and interacts.

Amidst the tears and sobs that rocks my body at night,
Sometimes enchanted by how I fight,
An opium that invade my tranquil world,
Where my penchant steers..

When the sun comes slushing on your dreamy word
Where pictures blurred translates thousand words,
Hit the air with so much pleasure,
Then life portrayed in dreams waver
When light wakes you up, only nostalgias left.

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