Is Death Penalty an Answer to Stop Crime?

Yesterday, 3 filipinos were executed for drug trafficking in China. It’s all in the headlines in the newspaper and aired on newscasting networks. As I was reading the news in yahoo and all my compatriots comments and opinions, several would say that this might serve as a lesson for drug dealers, druglords and drug users. And some would disagree and still believe that death penalty is not the best solution to stop atrocities.

According to Dangerous Drugs Board Survey that by the year 2008 there are a total of 6.7 Million regular drug users in the Philippines. Pointing out 4 critical entry points namely seaports, airports, mail and parcel system and the Philippine Costline. It was said that this three filipinos brought carriages containing the drugs, it might be inside their bag together with their clothes and other personal belongings unwittingly or wittingly. The government officials deal with China’s government officials which lead to the postponement of the execution. But everything was clear yesterday that China’s decision to impose their own law wouldn’t be stop by any officials from our country. Our country is the only Christian nation in Asia and more than 85% of the population is Roman Catholic and no wonder almost all people was sadden by the news. I, myself even said that when a Chinese was being caught for committing crimes in our county what our government would do is to deport them. Nothing really as fatal and as murderous as sentencing someone to death, which seems unfair for us.

As I was reading one of the reviews to abolished death penalty punishment. It is strongly believe that it is possible that biases would rule the supreme court and if that happens the innocent victim who was wrongly accused would die without justice. Death penalty is an eye-for-an-eye punishment technique. You’re taking someone’s life without giving a chance for him to change and correct his mistakes. Everyone is entitle for that. According to the documentary that I’ve read about the Criminal Justice System of China where it was being described as “penal system hidden behind a wall of secrecy…where mass slaughter is carried out”. An interview with a Chinese defence lawyer reveals that “99.9% of people accused with a crime will be found guilty and executed”.

Inadequate legal representation is one of the main factors on why the defendant would received death penalty. And it was said that almost all the defendants that can’t afford to get their own lawyer will be presented by the appointed lawyer which is overworked, underpaid or lacking of experience to defend death penalty cases. This is just one of the TEN REASONS on why death penalty should be abolish.

I didn’t say that those executed Filipinos are flawless and innocent but I would just like to open our mind about death penalty.

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