Remember Him

Remember the light when the darkness knocks you out.
When no haze and beauty greets you at daytime.
When sadness remains clear to you
and when thoughts of sudden remembrances
brought back the time that was forgotten.

Remember all the weary creature on earth,
During the time that you feel so alone and distant.
Remember how a simple smile of a stranger
Sunned on every faces and cast the shadows
That shows on your laden face.

Remember the gift of beauty that beholds not
the physical things and luxuries that would fade.
Remember how beautiful it is to be with peace,
And the love of God that’s never failing.
When you feel so down, remember Him.

When you fail to see the lights,
And when you wobble on a narrow path,
Remember to hold his hands.
He will direct you to the right destination.
Remember He will carry your cross
If you want to share your burdens.

During the time that you can’t face your fears,
Ask Him to give you courage.
Remember He will help you stand strong and secure.
When your thoughts clouded upon you,
And when you fail on your journey,
Remember the sun that kiss you every morning.
And it’s not always dark at night
When you believe that the stars and moon shines through.

In everyway remember Jesus Christ who died for you!

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