To Mama and Papa

Life changes but my love for you won’t change.
My love and care for you is deeply within my soul;
That its root nourishes from the day you’ve brought me into this world.
From the very moment you held me in your arms,
And whispered to my ears your lullabys.

The warmth of your tender love,
Is the best gift God has given to me.
Your profound understanding to what I’ve done
Is really unquestionable, for I know you love me deeply,
More than any mother and father could ever love me.
More than any creature on earth could love me.

Time rolls – we’ll grow old, and you grow much older
Remember that I’m here for you, willing to be there at your side
Willing to listen your complains about aches and sighs.
Eager to shower you my precious love.
I won’t be tired of taking care of you,
As what you are to me.

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