Hanging Bridge

Hanging Bridge

It was in the mid of March that my friends and I went to the church in the nearer town for seminar. When the seminar was over, the sun was torridly kissing my forehead and it was still early to call the day off. We headed to the nearby hanging bridge going to next island. I haven’t been on that island before, and it seems like I was driven by the thought of going there to see it’s beauty. We climbed up to the bridge, and then I just came to realized that the journey across is not as easy as what I’ve thought. One step forward, pictures of fear flashes in my mind. One step ahead, my knees are wobbling. It’s like a journey of uncertainties, whether you will fall, or stop and get back and never continue, it’s like that bridge teaches me lessons about life, on how weak and strong you are and we need to fight back the fear that you’ve felt. I was five step away from the where I begin then i was looking for steel bar or something I can hold on to, nothing. Rusted metal bars serves as it’s pathway, same had been ruined through the ages. When my gaze pointed downward, I’ve seen myself falling to the river, how will I survive? I don’t know how to swim, bad thought! Erase that please, I told myself.

A good breeze slams the railing and it started to sway, it devastated my stomach, then I started calling one of my friends with terror who haven’t started her journey. The look in her eye signifies with anxiety. That brings me to a big halt, looking at both ends, I saw a man who easily ride on his bicycle, like he’s just driving on the road, I figure out he’s one of the resident of that island, he’s daily routine of going there and here made his fear vanish, it’s like the saying “Practice will makes you perfect”. With envy, I told myself he made it, then why can’t I? And there’s no reason to give up. He serves as my focal point, I started walking slowly, like a robot and when the breeze hit the bridge again I  stop and continues again.  The farther I’ve got, the more desire I have in my heart to continue. It doesn’t matter how many stops and wrong moves I’ve made on my way, as long as I’ve gotten there, that simple feeling of succees filled me with joy!

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