Characters on the Street

I wrote this one recently, last Feb. 27, 2011. As you’ve notice, usually the date I entered from the date I wrote is different, just bear with me I don’t have enough tools to keep this blog updated. As long as I have the desire to share this one to you guys and that’s the important reason.


Characters on the Street

Upon each day, no one could be wrong,
The city main burst with throng,
Hurried down each one pretend
Nay saying hello is in their throats pain.

Without ease, neither one falls asleep;
Nothing to say, not even a single peep
To the one idly sitting next in vain,
Where profoundly amuses and disdains
A solid precipice to the one that weep
And hurdle the day to sleep.

Some would go, some will pass the way
Some will laugh and dance with stray
Along the road where no silent rules
That vastly favored to the man so cruel
That the light may die but not his soul
As nothing ordains to their ample time consumes
And invades the night hour with pride that blooms.

There shuns the smile and innocent face.
Begging for alms as everyone pass.
No one intend to give a single coin,
But filling out their tummys with alcoholic drinks
When good night is with them.

So sacred is the life,
So blunt is their head,
Is it cruelty or is it abstinence?
A profound truth simply displays
Nothing to fear, but abuse
To the innocent’s stage…

No one cares and on one dares
There’s not a courage that would dare to answer.
One will miss the life of ordinary life
Not even feeling the heat of the day,
So comfortably laughing with their luxury.

The power of man may not last,
Character that mainly speaks
To the hour without mask.
As they that bring gold,
Wouldn’t be considered by their wealth and steed.
For death is fairer than anything that exist.

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