Unknown Love

I created this poem last June 3, 2010


Unknown Love

Gather all your worries,
And in your repose let’s both laid
The thousand weariness that has abundantly
Slept in our giant hearts that desires
To cast and let the bygones befall
And be buried in a shroud with the rivulets haze
From miles of long magnitude despair
Comes to forget and everything is clear.

It will be clear as the sky
And the music is as sweet and smooth,
Like a harp that was played by the goddess mystic hands
Even the deft could hear it,
The mute will be able to speak,
The weak may become so strong
When it’s threshold and foundation
Will be built with the ramparts of goodness.

Seek not the weakness of every man,
Forget not the memories of the past,
But let the barren love coiled in your bosom,
Vastly and passionately bathe with care
And while we lay in the grass
Feeling the sun kissed on our face
Together, the love that was lost
Found a glare of happiness
And the biding despair will be vanished!

Everything that was left behind
When love seeks it’ll understand,
Don’t underestimate the magic
That brought by cupids bayonet
It will clash the thousand fold of hidden emotions
And don’t fight back what one has felt.

It may or may not,
Whatever mechanics that would be,
Whatever sorrows drudging on its way,
Well be pacified when we walk together
Holding hands tightly, whatever the tides
We’ll be ready to face and tryst the end
With a weapon so strong seated in our breast.

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