Spell it to me

This was dated back June 3, 2010

Spell it to me…..

My days will be filled with joy
Exciting as it is when I read your email,
I can’t found the name for the spell
That bides there, but I know it is eccentric
And full of beauty.

I ached in pain and doubt
If your words are true or not,
And it seems like you’ve forgotten me,
When your mail wasn’t delivered into my inbox.
How I hate myself for feeling this way.

Can you tell me what is this,
This feeling inside that stash my calm senses?
I doubt if this is a disease,
I feel something terrible inside me,
Like it urges me sometimes to curse.

Is there a cure to this?
Please tell me, ohh God….
I’ve never taken a drug, promise!
But it seems that I’m lifted in the air,
I can smell the fresh roses when in fact
I haven’t seen the roses around.
What’s this an ecstasy?

Do you have an antidote for this?
May I buy without a penny in my hand?
How would that be?
And if you happen to know its name,
Can you please spell it to me?

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