Literary Rarities

I feel so profoundly enamored to the words of our famous writer Jose Corazon de Jesus to name among the few. Every words scribed stung every languish mind. It is the very creative mind of the genius that gives unblemished and unrelentless journey with aridity to indulge into something beyond each realm. Words that soothes and fights for the truth that stands within its ironic grasp. Words that evoke the power to dare and would left the corrupt and vice astound. In which this has a comfortable way of fighting for the right – no bloodshed and no canon balls, this is the safest arena of war.  They’re words are  not gaudy, for the purpose of having gigantic impact with it’s readers, it is fully patriotic and nationalistic and with pride that brings clarity to the words scribe in every volume of their literary page.

I want to consider pondering upon the movie of Alice in Wonderland, I may be wandering in the wonderland like Alice did but not just merely on the land where small creatures dwell. I’m probably wandering further on the arts of writing,  on Philippine literary books and to every words that itch by the lucid black ink, from every epoch to epoch. I would love to remenish the moments of my college years when I usually stayed in the library during my vacant hours if I’m not hovering around with my friends. The time i finished one book written by a certain European writer, it gives me the impression that every writer has brilliant way of expressing their thought, on how they twist and make their readers felt like they were involve in the story themselves, it’s like you were part of the story. Suddenly my thought scans for the books in the bookshelves looking for filipiña books.

It is very remarkable that the practice of literary writing has become prevalent up to this early days though we’re no longer living during the colonialism of Americans where severe practices of writing was implied. I could still remember when “lolo” told me that he didn’t like to go to school because their teacher would always want them to write paragraphs and stories, everyday. It may took us with great care and crucial scrutiny to the literary success of the old times during the time of Jose P. Rizal when he bravely fought against tyranny by the used of the pen. As I’ve noticed that its very rare to find books of Jose Corazon de Jesus, Jesus Fernandez, Jose Rizal and Balagtas in every library as of this days. Our literary guild has never preserved the precious books of our famous filipino writers and we should never ask questions on why our students love to read English books and novels rather than filipino books and novels. Because we allows the literary society to grow but we failed to examined and correct that we should embrace our own writers and our own books first. Though noticing that the department of education acknowledges this, and providing some steps to cope up what one has left but it wouldn’t be enough.

It may be the best way to pacify our critics but do you think that they’re shallow enough to consider this? We’re just moving one step, why not move with full force without thinking that it may be an insult to the genious of our writers, but let’s think ahead that our next generation might no longer recognize our famous writers and forget our own literature which plays a big part in our culture.

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